eCommerce Marketing Solutions

Author: Kat Fitzsimmons+

How can eCommerce Marketing Help You?

Online shopping statistics tell us that the number of people shopping online is rapidly increasing and expected to hit over 200 billion in the US alone for 2015, up 5% from 2014. There are no indications that this trend is going to reverse in the coming years. 

If you are a retailer in today’s market, rest assured that people are browsing products, comparison shopping and purchasing products online or on devices. This is not to under estimate shoppers desire to visit real stores, giving them the opportunity to handle items before purchasing. Many in store or over the phone purchases happen after the shopper has researched the products online first

If you are in the business of selling goods, having your products listed online is becoming a critical aspect of the purchasing process. By either driving customers to your store or increasing sales through online purchasing. 

Finding the right selling platform

  • Finding the right selling platform for your business
  • Custom Cart Look and Feel Design
  • Integrate your selling platform with your website, real time updates
  • Product submission and management

  Product Advertising

  • Account set up for online selling venues
    • Google Shopping
    • Amazon
    • eBay, more...
  • Product submission feeds set up and management

Managing Product Feeds

Specializing in managing small to medium sized businesses' online shopping carts. Often this task appears to be daunting and discourages many smaller businesses from trying to sell online. I can help you find a manageable affordable solution. 


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