Digital Advertising

Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Advertising Professional

We are here to create and manage your online advertising campaigns. We create online advertising campaigns that reach your target audience. These campaigns are managed to reach your goals and maintain a positive ROI.

Digital Advertising Management Fee starts at: 
$300 per month for budgets up to $3,000

Digital advertising also provides a wealth of information about your customer and how your website performs. Careful review of your advertising and organic data provides a wealth of knowledge for further organic development of your website and business. This process is also imperative to the development of content, article writing and blogging. When combining advertising with organic development of your website, the outcome is long-term sustainability of organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP), rank. This results in the ability to produce targeted quality content, that keeps your audience's attention and coming back for more.
AdWords Display Certification

Digital Advertising Venues:

  • Search Ads - Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL 
  • Geographic Advertising (geo targeting)
  • Mobile Device Advertising
  • Youtube Advertising (video ads, promoted videos)
  • Google Display / Network Advertising (image ads)
  • Social Network Advertising (ads on social sites)
  • Affiliate Marketing (profit sharing advertising)
  • Data Network Advertising (directories)

Nonprofit, Google Grants Services :

Google provides FREE services to 501c3 organizations. If you are a nonprofit and would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact us. I charge a monthly management fee of $300 that includes account set up, management and reporting.

Kathleen is a Google Engage Certified Partner, which means she has passed Google Partner's Advertising required tests. Not just one test but all five. I have also passed the Google Analytics test. That makes me well informed.

As a Google Engage Partner you are required to stay current on your testing. This keeps all Engage Partners informed on advertising trends and how to best utilize Adwords' tools. We are kept informed on industry news and special events.

As a Google Engage Partner it is my goal to help businesses learn about the digital world and succeed on the web.