How Important Are Reviews?

Author: Kat Fitzsimmons+

Online Reviews, You Can't Ignore Them:

Current data tells us that 9-out-of-10 consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business or make a purchase. In other words, we are all reading reviews in order to make informed decisions. As consumers, we have the ability to share reviews across social platforms; thus increasing the impact of our experiences to our closest friends and family. Additionally, Search engines weigh in on reviews; frequent and current reviews are favored in search results. Reviews are important, they impact our decision making, we share reviews, and they affect organic search.

If you are a business owner or represent an organization, it is imperative to ask for reviews. Reviews are helpful on many levels. To begin with we know consumers are reading reviews; however, they can also provide useful insights for the business or organization. When reviews are read, often they reveal a theme of positive comments, such as a recommended product or service. You may also discover particular employees that stand out. Additionally, reviews shed light on areas that need attention, such as products that are not performing or services that are lacking.

Reviews affect organic search ranking. The most important factor of reviews on search ranking is recency of reviews. Regular interaction of review posting is the most favorable in terms of search results. Reviews that are old or if new reviews have not been posted, this is not favorable. Developing a plan to encourage reviews is necessary for any business or organization that is serious about their digital success.

Online reviews are here, everybody is referring to them, we use them to make informed decisions, and they affect organic search results. If your business or organization is serious about their online presence and relies on the internet for new business or growth, managing your reviews and developing a review solicitation plan is essential. I can help you, easily and efficiently, take control over your review management and solicitation development.

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