Have You Gotten Your Cardboard Yet?

Author: Kat Fitzsimmons+

Something about that just doesn't resonate with me as a technology professional. Cardboard?
Google Cardboard
Should I be seen in public with this, OK very cool? Maybe this is to help us connect with some of that special alone time, with your cat of course. Really, I just can't see myself keeping these very handy, next to the sunglasses? I have issues with forgetting my sunglasses so this could be a problem here as well. Or, they could be one of those items that gets lost (flattened) in the bottom of a miscellaneous drawer, or the dog gets a good chew out of them… No, they will be one of those nostalgic items I can pull out in 5 years to show off to my techie friends, like an artifact. See, I'm so cool, I still have a pair of these (original only used twice). Of course I will have to dig to find one of those "phones" and oh yeah, a video to watch? For sure it will bring big bucks on eBay, stock up!

It's the latest and the greatest roll out from Google no actually, Youtube Red. Have you heard? Time to check in on this and get your cardboard. It's what we have all been waiting for, Youtube Red. Although, Google glass sounds more futuristic. What do you think?

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