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The #Hashtag Symbol. When adding a # hashtag in front of relevant keywords or phrases, such as when posting in TwitterFacebook, and Google+, increases the post's ability to be found in search. Consequently, hashtags are the most recognize and used symbol in social media.  Hashtags help people share and find topics related to the keywords that have been hash-tagged.
Posts have an increased search-ability for topics or key-phrases  proceeded with a hashtag. Additionally, clicking on  hash-tagged phrase within a post, shows you all other posts that include that hash-tagged phrase or topic. When a # hash-tagged keyword or phrase becomes popular, they often become part of trending topics. 

Hashtags on Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest work slightly differently. Including hashtags in the image caption, allows the picture to be included on a page of all pictures using that hashtag in addition to increasing the search-ability. Once the post has been made, tapping on the #hashtag allows the page to open with all the related images. Tumblr works similar to this with a few more setting options available, see Tumblr tagging rules here.  Pinterest basically follows the same rule but hashtags are not part of their search feature. It is advisable to use # hashtags on Pinterest that are more specific or used for branding. Hashtags that are too general don’t bring up a very desirable result, as their search doesn’t recognize the # symbol.

Using the @ symbol on Facebook and Twitter posts.  When using the @ symbol before a person’s username or page on FB & Twitter, directs the post to that person or page. The person or organization will then receive an email or notification. Writing a person’s name in a Facebook post “tags” that person and they will receive an email that they have been tagged. 

Using the + symbol on a Google + post. Using the + sign before a person’s name on Google + works just like the @ symbol on FB or Twitter. The person or group will be notified of their mention in the post. Google also has communities, participating in these communities will help you “spread the word” and keep you in the loop for your desired interest. 

If you have further insights on using these basic social communication tools, please comment and share your thoughts.

Here are a few links to recognized hashtags, and .

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